About Riman Fashion

I got famous when I was still at home as women were talking and whispering about me. Consequently, the number of customers increased bringing with it substantial profits. In the year 2006, I held a small exhibition in Dhaid, a small village in the outskirts of Sharjah. I also founded a little workshop with one tailor and one embroiderer.

At the beginning, I focused heavily on advertising, for which I allocated a large part of the income. I advertised in the most renowned fashion magazines in the middle east along with taking part in exhibitions and fashion shows all over the UAE. Within 3 years I became popular and customers came to me from all over the UAE. As a result, I enlarged the workshop. Upon my customers’ request, we opened a new shop in the city. By time, the number of staff rose to 15 and so did the number of Instagram followers. Our ambitious goals raised the bar of expectations and our ambitions crossed the borders of the UAE to the outside world via the Middle East. In this respect, we had outstanding participation in fashion shows in London in 2015 and 2016.

The outside participation had important repercussions as the number of Instagram followers increased to reach 50,000. We even had orders from all over the world especially from the Gulf countries and Arabs living in Europe and America. Riman Fashion has become famous in the UAE and the Gulf. It aims to grow internationally through hard work and professionalism.